About Us

Heritage Travellers is a tour operator and destination management consultant specializing in heritage. Tourism is our tool for conservation and sustainable development. Heritage Travelers is entirely committed to preserve the invaluable heritage that we inherit from our ancestors.Our motto is to present the rich Natural, Cultural and Architectural heritage to the world.

With us its not just a tour,its Time Travel.

Refresh your zest for living with us.


Travel, experience,interact,learn and act. Heritage Travellers is keen on conserving the heritage that we inherit from our ancestors.Its not just travel, its time travel. We take our tourists back to the roots. Travellers actively participate in our endaevour of using tourism as a tool of social and ecological conservation. It's not just going to the place, it's about getting one with the place.


You may be a student, a teacher, a family man or an adventure tourists. Who ever you are our tourism program will fit your needs. We have kept all the avenues open for every single spot. You can go around, sit back and relax, you can jump in and participate in our nature interpretation or cultural workshops. You can do anything you want.Its a lifetime Experience.


Your comfort and satisfaction is our primary concern. We have a group of well trained professionals who are always ready at your service.


We Know Your Destination


“Because he had no place he could stay in without getting tired of it and because there was nowhere to go but everywhere, keep rolling under the stars...” His journey is a journey to the roots. Working with various artists who are master of craft. A photographer and a traveler moving extensively in the country to search the diminishing traces of heritage artforms, dances , architecture and craft.


'Living in the woods' is the most apropriate term for him. Masters in wildlife science, Krishnendu is keen on creating widespread awareness for conservation of wildlife through tourism.